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Emily Treibs 

Through the wild jungle

As I caress all of the wild animals

You try to stop me.


I stroke the gentle panther’s fur as it sharpens its ebony claws.

I scratch under the monkey’s chin as it tears open the dripping fruit.

The python holds me gently and I look lovingly into the poisonous eyes.


The rush, the adrenaline, the noise of life courses through me

Like blood.


Aching for more, an addict for… god, who knows? I scale the trees.

The animals watch me, but you watch harder.

You are yelling, but now I can’t hear you. I am too high.


The bliss fills me again as I peer over the canopy treetops;

This is my place. This is the only place where I can feel.


But suddenly, I’m slipping. Again. It’s okay, I slip, but I never fall.

But then the branch starts to give way and I’m clutching at the leaves at the monkey at the python at the panther

At you

But you’re out of reach

And I am plummeting.


But the vines catch me; but I am still up, so high.

The vines that are holding me start to tighten and so does the snake. They are choking me now. But somehow, it’s okay. I am okay.


When the vines finally snap

Your voice is the one screaming out to me.

"The Waves Crash Into Shore" 

Rebekah Newell


The waves crash into the shore.

As I stay to watch some more,

A man walks up to me

And asks me what I see.


¨Old man, how could I explain

¨This other-worldly plane,

¨Where two would meet becoming one

¨Underneath that setting sun?¨


¨A crystal, rising roar

¨Will become no more

¨As it crashes into a solid ground,

¨Divided, making no more sound.¨


¨The world is much like this, silenced with a kiss.

¨At once so loud within the crowd

¨But then so silent; and after all the violence,

The screams are no longer missed.”


Samara Roberts​

“It’s not a mistake.”


‘It’s not a mistake.”



My head is inverted

Fresh oxygen flows up


Light flows in

I am creating space.


“It’s a victory.”

And the words are like a razor

Shaving away the goosebumps on my thighs

Severing my shame from my skin

I am warm.


I pull my breath

Deeper inside

I am big

My ribs tremble

My blood pushes a tidal wave

Through my palms.


‘It’s a celebration”

Air bursts from every part of me

Opening me up into the earth

I am a body

I am a soul

I am whole.


Shari Martino

O, benevolent Death,

I could be your companion.

Great, your love for life’s creatures

walking reverent in her shadow

bringing peace to all things aching.

I could be your pupil

Nourishing life’s creations

Welcoming all into your cold embrace.

O, benevolent Death…


Jinho Yeem

Thank you

For holding my hands

For a long time.



I will hold your hands.

"A Hint of Green" 

Ashley Crider

Surrounded by darkness

Between shattered glass

A hint of green emerges

Everything trying to suffocate it

But it stays, thrives even, for all to see

People stare, captivated by such a sight

For no one has seen this shade of green

At least not for many, many years

What could cause darkness to subside for light?

No one had the answer to this question

Therefore they waited

Days, months, years have now gone by

And within that hint of green emerged a beautiful, strong tree

So what caused darkness to subside for light?

The will to live, the need to help you breathe, and provide for you

Clean air, shelter, warmth

This seed knew that you needed it

With that it did everything in its power to survive

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