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For All the World’s Asleep But Me

by Drew McKinney 

For all the world’s asleep but me;

Around, I hear no living sound.

Tomorrow’s dreams are stolen, empty. 


The warm night air is only cruelty

For it heralds light where choice abounds.

For all the world’s asleep but me.


The dragon looms—demanding fealty,

His ring-wraith roar wields doom in sound.

Tomorrow’s dreams are stolen, empty.


But what I fear more are hearts around me,

Grey guilt is cruel where compassion’s found.

For all the world’s asleep but me.


Faery dreams that come so sweetly

Abandon me in the iron barrow-mound.

Tomorrow’s dreams are stolen, empty.


Elpis abandons me in reality,

The prisoner flees the world’s hell-hounds;

For all the world’s asleep but me;

Tomorrow’s dreams are stolen, empty.


by Anonymous 


You may remember not too long ago

I wrote a poem that went like so:

I don't love myself but I truly want to

My body just doesn't look the way it used to

But one year has gone by and so much has changed

The important things in my life have begun to rearrange 

I promised to love you, and I'm glad to say now I do

The scars have faded and are no longer that dark purple hue

I no longer despise the way I look in the mirror

I now see my reflection that much clearer 

We fill each other's cups, that's what this family is

But I finally realized that my cup had a hole in the bottom of it 

You each give love and acceptance that fill up inside of me

But I have friends that few of you have met, and her name is anxiety

She and I are much closer than you can imagine

And honestly, I couldn't tell you when it started to happen

One day I was happy, and the next it all fell flat

Why did my world decide to change at the drop of a hat?

I made a mistake by letting her move in

She made my sunshine go from bright to dim

I went from leading others to not knowing who to follow 

I began to wonder if it was that bad being so hollow

My anxiety reminded me that she was always there

But I wanted her gone like the split end in my hair

She wore out her welcome and it is time for her to go

I don't know where she is from, but I am no longer her home

I am meant to be happy and I am meant to be loved

The love that is destined by my father above 

But you can't love someone else if you don't love yourself

So I will no longer sit on my sad and lonely shelf 

I am deserving, amazing, beautiful, and unique

The confidence in my voice should knock them off of their feet

So I will stand up and conquer the world as my own 

Making wherever I am feel just like home

Because home is not where you are but who you are with

And I was blessed with the greatest of gifts 

I have shoulders that I can always rest my head upon, 

My forever family, my sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon. 


by Anonymous 


Violent beams hit the innocent earth;

I only see you when thunder strikes. 

My heart paces to the sound. 

You only love me when it rains, 

An excuse to feel sad. 

Why do you use me only when it rains? 

I am a hazy pink and purple morning—

Beautiful, but sadly missed. 

I always wait for you

My hands between blades of grass, 

Almost as soft as your fingertips.

The dew drops remind me of your caress. 

I watch the clouds darken. 

I know you are coming. 


The rain is here again. 

I sit at the edge of my bed, 

Window opened. 

I smile as the droplets hit my skin. 

Can we sit here while the rain passes? 

Will you try to love me 

Even without the rain? 

I promise I won’t cry again. 


Eventually windows close, 

Clouds clear, 

And skies turn, 

But my love for you stays. 

My tears gently fall when I see the sun. 

Please come back. 

I promise I can change.


You tell me you love me, 

Only when it rains. 


We’ve been in a drought for years. 

Untitled #1

by Rebekah Newell 


His smile becomes fleeting

The one I once loved

now brings me dread.


His rough hands that once held me


Are now used as weapons

against me.


I thought it would be easy

to escape

if I was ever here


Now that I am

I am trapped. There is

no escape (but into my mind).


As you overpower me, I smell

the alcohol on your breath.


A trickster: what you have revealed 

yourself to be--


But there was no rainbow bridge for you to cross

No mortal realm to appear in

And no Mnt' to climb down.


You live in

no paradise. You

dwell in the shadows.


Looking for prey and seizing upon

the innocent--

corrupting the youth with

black and blue.  


You once made me feel beautiful.

Now you tell me I'm ugly.


Once we dreamed of growing old

But now you threaten me with death.


by Anonymous 

Mama why did you cry

when I drew us on your bedroom wall?

Mama why did you cry

when I brought you apples from outside?


Mama I think you would cry

were you to hear the music of Yesterday.

Mama I think that you would cry

were you to know that I do not.


Mama I know why you did not cry 

when your time had come.

Mama I know why you cried

when my time had.


Mama I love you

for singing to me in my sleep.

Mama I love you

    now more than ever

for extending your branches

    that I eventually severed.

The Fairy Tale

by Addison Hutchings

Not everyone is the same

Behind closed doors.

My best friend loved me but

No one really knew

What happened

Behind closed doors.


So nice.

My friends wished they 

Had what we had

Always considering 

My feelings

But not 

Behind closed doors.


People wondered.

I would just smile-

Say it was wonderful-

“Nothing wrong”

I would lie to them

And Myself.


People only see

What you let them see.

Keeping it 

Behind closed doors.


It would get worse

If people knew

What happened 

Behind closed doors.

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