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The Journey within the City of Movers & Shakers
The Washington Experience
Brock Sanders,
Co-Editor for the Muse

My Washington Experience

Hi everyone! My name is Brock Sanders and I am one of the Co-Editors here on the Muse. This section is dedicated to not only an outlet to share the experience here in Washington D.C. but to also highlight the art, culture and day-to day life here in the Capitol City.

In my best efforts I will hope to have achieved a shared experience for the reader, while also documenting my own experience. This journey will go through where I live, my internship, the historical monuments, the nightlife as well as the many drinks and ethnic food choices.  

The Washington Center apartment complex will be the home to over hundreds of students coming from every walk of life looking for hands on work experience. Sharing the dormitories with several other university students that share your major and goals helps the networking experience within Washington. 

The Washington Center will also be the location of classes, seminars, guest speakers and other events. This makes the complex feel busy and always active with groups of people. The Washington Center also provides many networking oppurtunities for students to intereact with organizations of interest as well as classes on tightening professional skills in the workplace. In these halls friendships, careers and networking will occur.

The Washington Center

The internship's provided by the Washington Center pair students with organizations of their interest and skills. My internship was with Potomac Advocates, a lobbying firm with ties in defense policy. My daily routine was waking up at 7 am and working until 5 pm with my coworkers at our desks. These coworkers varied from Washington Center students to real world professionals at the site.

My job routine included working with cyber-security legislation and developing weekly reports sent to the clientele. Creating budget trackers from programs included in the House of Armed Services Committee to the Senate and detailed changes in the appropriations. Also a lot of work was off site, which included  attending volunteer events, going to House Rayburn to sit in on hearings and meet one on one with clients. Going through the program helped develop real world skills that will be applied outside of school.

The Internship
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The daily routine of commuting to work everyday with my coworkers made it clear why the District of Columbia earned the title "The city of movers and shakers" . During the day, Washington D.C. is hustling and bustling with important somebodies going to their designated buildings and offices. All weekday long the process began in the morning: Get dressed, go to the lobby and walk to work, get off work and work on readings and assignments for school.

The fast paced lifestyle is in the fabric of D.C. The many sites to explore, the plethora of ethnic food to eat and the endless amounts of monuments makes Washington a busy city. The many sports events also keep D.C. alive with Capitals hockey and Nationals baseball. The monuments and museums also fill the area with history and excitement. The politcal realm is also bustling with think-tanks discussing current event studies and policies always being debated.

The City of D.C.

The beautiful part of Washington D.C. is the easily acessible modes of public transportation avaliable. The many variations include the interconnected metro system that allows tranpostation between Virigna and Maryland as well as every hub in D.C. The massive amount of Uber's and taxis allow for even more exploration.

Transportation Everywhere!

The other options include Eco-friendly means like Bird Scooters and public access bicycles on every corner. The convenience of having these around everywhere make the journey around D.C. a quick and easy one.

The food in Washington D.C. is as diverse as the people who live there. Every other shop is a variation of food from around the world and adds its own flavor to every avenue. Staying for three months still didn't allow for a thorough inspection of the cuisines in the area. Ethiopian food is a favorite in D.C. and the beloved South African Nando's restaurant.

At night however, especially on the weekends, Washington D.C. changes completely. The night life fully comes out and D.C.'s  young work force is fully alive. Bars are open till the sun's back out and clubs with live performances are on the main avenues. The crowds of sports events also spill into the streets repping Washington Capitals, Redskins and Nationals. Massive events are all around every corner of Washington D.C.

Food & Night Life

The art within Washington D.C. is also a sight to see, whether it be in a museum or local street art. Walking down any street one can find murals painted on old, dilapidated walls or written on signs. The museums also include those traditional means of sculpture and design as well.

The environment in D.C. is a massive blend of cultures and ethnicity. Walking down any street one can find the best hole-in-the-wall meals. The people are very friendly and often help the local tourist's find the main attractions in D.C. Networking is also a major theme in the city, as most people are constantly engaging with one and other trying to seek opportunity to move up.

The Art and Culture

Overall the experience in Washington D.C. through the Washington Center Program helped boost my professional competencies and aided my growth as a skilled worker. It allowed me to make many connections and build  networks for job possibilities. If there is any interest in the business world, then this program is highly recommended. 

If any are interested, contact David Reast for Schreiner University's Meaningful Work and Career exploration opportunity. 


Final Thoughts and Information
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