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Ditto Boat

Samara Roberts

Sail with me

On the open seas

Taste the salty


Clasp my longing hand

Gaze into my eyes

Burning as the sand

Sparkling in warm waters

Plunge in deep

Go ahead

Let the blue

Swallow you whole



Laugh your love into my ear

Let the sun give you

What winter took

And sink into the marrow

Of your weary bones


These rolling waves

Will be the best ride of your life.

Past Encounters

Anon Satin

They will never regret what they did.

And I will never forget,

I was only a kid.

A person should not have to go through so much pain,

From words,

From actions;

Venom building in their veins.

The suicidal thoughts will only grow,

Before their time,

I'll be whiter than the snow.

Because the thoughts engulfed me,

And the people ignored me.

Yet I'm the one who still feels the touch,

Of the people that I loathe and despise, oh, so much.

Her Story or Mine?

Anon Satin 

Consumed by her misery,

She bleeds her pain away.

Living in a world so cold,

No one cared what she had to say.

The memories that could take a life replayed in her head,

It went on and on,

On and on,

Because they wanted her dead.

She ran and hid,

But what did that do?

It only catches up.

It only follows you.

She makes another scar,

That was how she coped.

3 to 10.

Then she lost all hope.

The lesson she learned?

People are sick.

You'll never know who,

Just take a pick.

You'd never even ask how this I know,

And if you did, I couldn't say so.


Samara Roberts

I am a broken bottle -

Refracting bright beams of light

In a kaleidoscope of pain -

Shattered -

Useless -

Beautiful -

Sharp edges gradually worn smooth over time -

I am beach glass -

Soft -

Useless -

Irreparable -

Clinking in the sunlight -

Smeared with mud -

Encrusted with sand -

Rinsed clean in the salt of the ocean -

Stained blue green -

Scattered -

Lost -

Pieces of me become pieces of the swirling sea -

Drowning -

Peacefully sinking -

Silent -

Alone and still broken.

To This Day

Alexandra Wheeler

To this day I have loved someone

And my love for him will never be done

He makes me happy and glad

He barely makes me sad

Soon he and I will be united as one

And I will soon will bear a son

Our lives are completely different

But something brought us together

Maybe it was the rainy weather

To this day I have known someone

I truly understand he is mine

And he sure is fine

And eventually take out for some wine

My love for him is strong

And it can never be wrong

He makes me think

So it can sink

But all I want to do is flirt and wink

Never have I met a guy who cares so much

And I do the same

I want our love to last

But it’s been so fast

We’re in love and no one is in our way

And I forget he surprises me everyday

“I love you,” he says

In different ways

To this day I know Nick Gardner

The love of my life

The completion of my heart

And he punctured it with love darts

And venous farts

And will eventually push the baby cart

Whispers of the Ocean

Emily Treibs

A girl pauses, stands

At the edge of the ocean

It is whispering


A shine on the water

Moonlight drifting,

And it caresses a bottle


It washes up to her feet

Softly caught in sinking sand

She stops.


Quietly, waves all around

Waves in her heart

Waves in her soul.


She reaches for the bottle

Time suspended

She lifts it.


Clear green, moonlight shines through


A different world, or the same?


She turns the bottle upside-down

Gently, gently

The parchment slides out


She sets the bottle back into the sand

Softly it slurps it in

Back to the paper, her gaze falls


She unfolds it

Crinkling and the waves

Wash over her once more


Dear Natalie.

I write to you one last time.

The journey has been long.


Maybe one day

We will meet again

On these shores.


I love you, Natalie.

May the ocean take this bottle

As the waves took you.


Forever Yours



P.S.. I put my ring in the bottle

The ring from our elopement

The ring you were buried with.


The girl looks back to the moon

The whispers and the waves

Continue to crash over her


She remembers now her name…



And the shoreline grows

And the tide pulls her in

And the whispers are quiet.

Am I Free?

Brittany Smith

I know you will forsake

Me in my time of need.

Every action you take

Is telling me to plead

With you to not break

Me and make me bleed.

I ask that when you wake

You will leave me freed

Of the way you take

To satisfy your greed.

Grey Morning ​

Samara Roberts

I lie awake missing

My love in the bead-black dark

Not even the kiss

Of fresh morning dew can mend

My so softly tearing heart

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